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[논문]Promoting Civic Participation in Vietnam: the Case of the New Rural Program in a District of Ho Chi Minh City

저자 : 김판석(교수)
출간연도 : 2016
제목 : Promoting Civic Participation in Vietnam: the Case of the New Rural Program in a District of Ho Chi Minh City
학술지명(상세정보) : 동남아시아연구, 25(3): 305-338
초록 : 

The government of Vietnam has implemented “the National Target Program on New Rural Development” for the period 2010?2020. The New Rural Development Program was launched in 2008 focusing on development of rural areas in several dimensions (i.e. rural planning; infrastructure development, economic structure transition, economic development, and income increase, etc.). The key to the success of this program falls on not only the political will, but also the civic participation, in the local area. Although local citizens in rural areas have growing expectations for the development of their area, they have not been historically active under the socio-political culture in Vietnam. Local residents participating in the local development programs engage in discussions with local authorities about program implementation. However, there appears to be a low level of participation in every arena of participation. Accordingly, this paper argues that people in rural areas do not have sufficient opportunity to interact efficiently with local government for a better policy implementation. A developed local infrastructure needs to be improved to ensure a long-term and sustainable growth to meet requirements of industrialization and modernization in line with the national and regional development plans. Moreover, the politico-administrative competences and quality of officials at the grass roots level should also be strengthened. Furthermore, the openness of government to public discussion and involvement is another factor that allows successful civic participation.

Key words: civic participation, Vietnam, new rural program, Ho Chi Minh City

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