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[논문]China's Land System Reform

저자 :Kim,Pan Suk(Professor)
출간연도 : 2016
제목 : China's Land System Reform: Balancing Redistribution and Market Mechanism
학술지명(상세정보) : 中國硏究 第68卷
초록 :
Whether China’s land system should be significantly changed is a hot but
controversial topic in both theory and practice. A study of the Chongqing-Chengdu
experimental area in Sichuan province has shown that both market and redistribution
mechanisms are involved in reform.
Previously, however, people have commented that there is not enough reliance on
the market mechanism. This article argues that China’s current land system
arrangement has an advantage in that the government can more easily mobilize
resources and land revenue to balance development between rural and urban areas.
However, its efficiency still needs to be improved by introducing a pricing
mechanism. The article provides much valuable evidence for the improvement of
relevant land reform policies, which will be conducive to other developing countries
wishing to learn from China's experience.

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