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[논문]The Impact of E-Government on Competitiveness-based Economic Growth in Vietnam

저자 : Thanh, Hoa Thai Thi(Master student) Kim, Pan Suk(Professor)
출간연도 : 2016
제목 : The Impact of E-Government on Competitiveness-based Economic Growth in Vietnam
학술지명(상세정보) : 동남아연구 26 권 2 호
초록 :
This paper studies the impact of e-government on economic growth
potential based on competitiveness. In Vietnam, the rising momentum of egovernment
within the government’s working agenda is geared toward
contributing to the economic growth of the nation. Recent theoretical
literature has explored the impact of e-government on economic growth,
but studies have mainly been cross-national or focused on developed
countries. Using a panel dataset collected in 63 local governments in
Vietnam, this study attempts to fill the gap in the literature by investigating
the impact of e-government, taking Vietnam as a case study of a
developing country. Moreover, considering the systematic effect of egovernment,
this study uses path analysis and can provide empirical
evidence that illustrates how e-government applications in Vietnam can be
used as vehicles to support the competitiveness of various economic areas.
Key words: E-government, Competitiveness-based, Economic growth,
Vietnam, Economic governance

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