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[논문]Innovating Public Service Delivery in Transitional Countries: The Case of One Stop Shops in Kazakhstan

저자 :  Pan Suk Kim(Professor)
출간연도 : 2016
제목 :Innovating Public Service Delivery in Transitional Countries: The Case of One Stop Shops in Kazakhstan
학술지명(상세정보) : International Journal of Public Administration 2016, VOL. 39, NO. 4, 323–333
초록 :
This article analyses the implementation of managerial ideas in Kazakhstan using the case of acombined public service delivery called “One Stop Shops”. Several public services are provided in a single building rather than different government offices in a business-like style of service delivery and in a modern physical environment. The service integration policy is an attempt of Kazakhstani government to improve the quality of public services and reduce corruption. Some positive progress in improving the accessibility of public services has been noted. However, as this article argues, the country-specific model of “alternative-access” service delivery was not able to implement in-depth changes in the work of the public sector and improve service quality. Implementation of the managerial ideas has been limited and constrained by the institutional framework and culture prevailing in the Kazakhstani bureaucracy. The main conclusion is that the governments of transitional countries need to critically analyze the pros and cons of the new policies and reflect on their cultures before making further steps to adopt Western managerial initiatives.

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