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[하계 워크샵/Winter Workshop] Graduate Students Discussion Workshop
2018-07-05 목요일
정의관 422, 연세대학교

Graduate Students' Summer Workshop

• Wednesdays, from 5th of Jul to 8th of Aug, 10:00-12:00
• 422 Jeoungui Hall

This Graduate Students' Summer Workshop will be held in every Wednesday, except the first session, from 5th of July,2018 to 8th of August. We are pleased to announce this 6 sessions of program on the each of graduate student's research areas. 
Each workshops we will have three presenters with three articles. 
For information of specific articles you may check on the attached file

Hosted by the BK21 plus team

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[학술대회/Conference] 2018 국제개발협력학회 하계 학술대회 리허설 (KAIDEC)
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