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[학술대회/Conference] 2018 국제개발협력학회 동계 학술대회 (KAIDEC)
2018-12-07 금요일
Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University

[Winter Conference of KAIDEC]

Title: 혁신과 국제개발협력 (Innovation and International Development Cooperation)

- Date: December 7th, 2018 (Fri) 9am - 6pm

Location: Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University

Sponsored by: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, EDCF, 
                          KIPA, Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF)

- Presenters of BK21+ Research Team on International Development and Social Economy Department of 
  Global Public Administration are as follows:

  Shokhrukh Avazov and Khandmaa Shagdarjav will present "Investigating Factors that Influence the Use of E-Trade 
  Platform of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange"
  Pramod Kunwor Chetri and Danaa Samuel will present "Assessing citizen level of satisfaction with local government 
  service delivery in Ethiopia: Adopting the expectancy disconfirmation model"

  Beker Shale Dulle will present "Factors Causing Corruption in Street Level Bureaucracy: The Case Study on Revenue & 
  Customs Authority in Ethiopia"

[하계 워크샵/Summer Workshop] Graduate Students Discussion Workshop
[특강/Special Lecture] Comparison of regional industry : Japan, China and Italy
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